Joe Haldeman is a Vietnam veteran whose classic novels The Forever War and Forever Peace both have the rare honor of winning the Hugo and Nebula. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. In , a mysterious, egg-shaped artifact is discovered on Camouflage – Kindle edition by Joe Haldeman. Download it once. Camouflage by Joe Haldeman – book cover, description, publication history.

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As a recommenda Read the prologue and stop right there. July 26, Imprint: The storys track fairly fast and there is minimal character development, but enough. Haldeman is a Vietnam vet, and he brings his experience and military history to the front. How to write a great review. The final line of the story is about some scientists in Samoa investigating a mysterious submerged object.

Right at the point where things were threatening to get interesting again, to boot. Of course, if you do read it at the beach, you might think twice about going into the water.

Even with its promising start, somewhere along the line, xamouflage project fell apart. The inevitable confrontation between the Changeling and the Chameleon, along with the haldejan affair between the Changeling and the scientist creates a very exciting and satisfying ending.

The Abyss Beyond Dreams. Published August by Ace first published August It develops a conscience and vamouflage to treat humans with respect and forbearance, with restraint. Retrieved May haldeamn, Indifferent to knowledge, it is innately sadistic and lives only for its own pleasure, which usually involves killing people in nasty ways. This was a great find! The changeling has eidetic memoryso these tasks are easy; human psychology baffles it.

Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Happily, this part of the story, though we know where it’s headed, is great fun and has plenty of suspense to hold your attention.

Issue 32, May It’s clear that some tools were overused, others used in the wrong spot and others still in the wrong ways. The alien seeks the artefact Strugatsky brothers’ A Beetle in an Anthill?


It is drawn to the device and suspects it has something to do with where the creature came from.

So it is with Joe Haldeman’s Camouflage While, there is an emotional distance toward all of the characters, caused in part from it being mainly from an alien point of view, I eventually grew to care about what happened to the camouflagr. Superb storytelling and a panoramic view of history recommend this novel to most sf collections. Oct 27, Thom rated it really liked it. Gerald Jonas of The New York Times Book Review said, “Haldeman handles this complicated scheme effortlessly, and the ending is satisfying whether or not you have figured out who is who.

But it can’t get close to it. Unlike much of SF, his solid, pragmatic future-view has aged well, and I could see his influence in recent hard-boiled spec-fic like ‘The Expanse’ series.

If you like sci-fi you really should put this on your to-read list. Books 1 – 3. None of this is terribly fresh. The Chameleon destroys anything or anyone that threatens it. The story is let down a little however by the sudden and in my opinion, rushed ending, and a rather rapid and unconvincing romance that is a key part of the narrati As always, Haldeman delivers a pacy, interesting and thoughtful story.

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I love reading Haldeman’s books and I really should read this one again. The End of All Things 1: A million years before the rise of humans, the changeling arrives on Earth from Messier 22 ; its spaceship hides deep in the Pacific Ocean.

The jof must be at least 50 characters long.

As their parallel trajectories through modern history bring them to the near-future that is the story’s present day, they converge on the experiments in Fiji. Tool of the Trade. They are alive for millennia on earth, camouflabe, studying humans and both attend college every 50 years or so.


There’s a vapid movie in the cinemas now [referring to Alien vs. Haldeman’s good, but this isn’t one of his standout books. Oct 21, Nicholas Whyte added it. There is not too much complicated plot lines so again easy to read. Having experienced commitment to an abusive mental hospital and being a US Marine in the Bataan death march, it understands the horror of being treated badly. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! And yet, there is something within the changeling that always calls it back to the sea.

A team of scientists is assembled to study the artifact, but it proves to be impenetrable.

Slowly over the course of many years, it gains more and more of an understanding of humanity, enough so that it can pass for human, though it can also shift into any creature or mimic any object at any time it needs. Sure, you can wave the Clarke ‘indistinguishable from magic’ quote around to try and help, but it still feels like cheating. The story is let down a little however by the sudden and in my opinion, rushed ending, and a rather rapid and unconvincing romance that is a key part of the narrative.

CAMOUFLAGE by Joe Haldeman | Kirkus Reviews

Also, is a nuclear reactor really such a complicated device as to cause one science fiction writer after another to write nonsense about it? All his books are entertaining and easily read. Sep 14, Graham Crawford rated it liked it.