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The value chain of an organization is a process model that organizes the business processes that directly generates customer value and differentiates these processes from those that jonaz indirectly this generation of value.

Thus, any variation in the organizational needs, strategies, processes and activities, will be immediately captured and analyzed to establish what effect, and consequent change, must be carried out in current links with Information Systems, Data and IT.

The information systems that the company needs to run these business processes; and. IT Service Support process is concerned with those activities that guarantee the continuity, availability and quality of the services provided to the users. It may be seeing as a natural reaction, since changes normally produce anxiety and uncertainty.

The model that we describe in this section is based on the following premise: It also implies the support activities for coordinate changes that may emerge montilvaa project execution. It aims to ensure that the data is not altered, in an unauthorized manner, during storage, processing, and transit.

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This plan organizes and describes the portfolio of projects, as well as the activities, schedule, and resources that are required to make the transition between the two mentioned states.

With this last process description, we conclude the general explanation of each one of processes included in the IT department chain of value. It includes all technical and operational activities that are needed for the implementation, operation, maintenance, and governance of the information systems architectures: Bergeron, “An information technology trilogy: The management of data uses the architectural principle that considers to data and information as assets or corporate resources [ 2 ].

It is a management process for aligning the goals of the IT department to the strategic goals of the whole organization. Informatique, Paris, France, DMCA Developing instructional web sites: Processes of IT Infrastructure Management.


Sound Guidance for Application. The most prominent ones are: This state defines the baseline of the enterprise architecture. We believe that this way of identifying, defining and organizing the processes of the IT organizational unit leads to a fully accomplishment of the business goals. Among the main activities of this process are: Policy Management is a strategic process that requires the implementation of activities related to the definition and development of IT policies, implementation and maintenance of these policies, as well as the establishment of guidelines to eliminate these policies when they no longer support the business strategy.

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Data Management is intended to meet the needs of data and information of the organization and its stakeholders or users, ensuring the availability of the data, the continuous improvement of the quality of the data and information, as well as the privacy, confidentiality and access control to these business assets.

One of the most important objectives of the IT Management is to achieve a high degree of alignment between business and IT. It describes the software applications and the data repositories e.

Verner, “Strategic alignment in requirements analysis for organizational IT: The model may be applied in three different ways: Processes required for developing software components Each process of the lowest level of abstraction is described, in our model, using a UML process diagram, as exemplified in Fig. Our model promotes software reusability.

A study of prospectors, analyzers, and defenders”, Information Systems ResearchVol. According to the previous paragraphs, the problem of strategic alignment between business and IT is an arduous and complex task. To do that, the strategic management establishes the medium and long-term mission and vision, so it can establish the strategic goals of the business and the IT strategies that allow reaching them.

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A migration and implementation plan guides the transition from the baseline state of the enterprise architecture to its target state. The alignment of IT to business has been one of the main concerns of many IT managers for more than two decades. It groups a set of processes responsible for ensuring the security of the data and information which are handled by the information systems, the IT infrastructure, and the services of the IT Department.


The use of a method is essential for dealing with the complexity of this process. An IT Service is an intangible non-storable product that is generated by one of the IT Management processes with jonqs purpose of mintilva to requests made by internal or external users of the organization.

These two processes are independent of the existing methodological approaches i. This layer provides details of the software, hardware and telecommunications platforms, on which the information system layer is developed, installed, and operated.

Each process of the lowest level of abstraction is described, jonae our model, using a UML process diagram, as exemplified in Fig. The main goal of this process is to plan the set of risk management activities to carry out. To the best of our knowledge, DAMA is the only data standard published until now.

Its main contribution is in solving the ,ontilva problems aforementioned. However, it is in the last few years that this concept has gained increasing importance. However, these proposals are, in a certain way, independent and do not cover all the categories of processes that are carried out in any IT department.

This model groups all IT management processes into eight categories: Telecommunications and Networking Management covers all activities related to the installation, operation, control and security of the telecommunications jonsa networks infrastructure of the organization. In addition to fulfilling the obligations on the quality contracted with users or clients and referring both to the IT services and products. Continuous Improvement of Products, Processes, and Services.

These models and frameworks provide a comprehensive overview of the concepts, processes, and resources that an IT department jonae required to manage. However, we have not found in the literature of the area, results of research or practice related to the specific use of the relationship between the EA and the business processes executed by the IT department of an organization.

The model is actually used as a framework for process re-engineering and organizational redesign of the IT departments of two Venezuelan montilvs organizations.