Judith Butler e a Teoria Queer – Sara Salih. Uploaded by .. #Ação de Inventário e Partilha – Teoria e Prática () – J.E. Carreira Uploaded by. Tamsin Spargo – Foucault e a teoria queer (portuguese).pdf. Report .. judith butler e teoria queer – sara salih Documents · a teoria. Um corpo entre o gênero e a sexualidade: notas sobre educação e abjeção. Instrumento, Juiz de SALIH, Sara. Judith Butler e a teoria queer. Belo Horizonte.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Thus, the same repeatability that can reinforce the performative act also creates conditions for challenging hegemonic identities and for the production of other identities.

Judith Butler e a Teoria Queer by Sara Salih

The Body The biological, physical body is also a social construction, according to Butler. May 05, Rodrigo rated it it was ok. The physical body is indeed a very elaborate, socially diffused, transpersonal concept. Similarly, articulating school, gender and production of bodies, Louro evidences the concept of heteronormativity for analyzing education and problematizes the management of sexuality by nation-states in modernity.

Foucault, a norma e o direito. The author urges us to problematize the materiality of bodies by our exposing the performative mechanism by which they are shaped, and saga to challenge the idea of sex as a priori of the body.

To educate means to invest in conducting the other, a process by which others are brought or conducted to our culture 1. Butler extends this notion.

To access these subjects, we conducted a teacher education seminar and used focus groups and interviews as methodological strategies. That arrangement of norm, normal, and abnormal frames the disciplinary normative game closer to a proposal of normation. Kindle Editionpages. As such, it uses individualization, distribution, comparison, correction and normalization strategies to regulate subjects. For this, we consider the concept of gender as performative doing BUTLER,as a series of constricting normative actions that classify subjects as masculine or feminine, differently from a willful tone of the subjects themselves.


Piotr rated it it was amazing Apr 21, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Como citar este artigo. Josef Muehlbauer rated it it was amazing Jan 21, An analysis of the regulation processes of bodies in the physical education in schools should also evidence the recitations that operate resistance and possible counter-conducts at the core of heteronormativity.

Igor Marcondes rated it it was amazing Nov 29, In the analyzes carried out in the research mentioned in this article DORNELLES,childhood, puberty and adolescence phases are taken as legitimizing reference for the construction of educational practices aimed at dealing with sexuality in physical education in schools.

Judith Butler e a Teoria Queer

Pazulin; Juiz de Fora: Lists with This Book. Johnny Nakanichi is currently saa it Sep 05, Leituras da modernidade educativa: Finally, although centrally recognized in its chronological dimension, age is bent in the speeches of some teachers. There is no such thing as intrinsic gender identification behind the social expressions of gender. However, despite its strength, in the analysis of the empirical material, we invoke a dispute over the meanings attributed to the phases and stages, as well as over the very meaning of phases and stages as criteria for the formation of the school subject and bktler the possibility of saying what sexuality is: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Understanding education this way implies considering a set of plural and broad, schooled or non-schooled practices, which invest in teria the conduct of the other. At that point, the primordial unity of infancy is lost and you are on your own, and mother is on her own.

Examining these normative layers also means disputing the meanings attributed to education in the formation of social subjects. Therefore, one should promote pedagogical practices that ensure this puerile time in school so that there is a natural progression from a supposedly asexual stage to the experience of penile-vaginal intercourse, considered by the school as the culmination of what one should know.


06.11 Tamsin Spargo – Foucault e a teoria queer (portuguese).pdf

In this sense, we are interested in understanding what prescriptions and perform actions are called into action in Physical Education in schools, focusing on three related categories: So they describe, they know, for example. Michelle rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Em defesa da sociedade: Thus, asking about how the subject is produced in physical education in schools is an interested way of problematizing what we do and what is done to us. Disputes over its conceptualization and crossing in the definition of school subjects evidence the political games guided by distinct epistemologies.

For some of the staff, this may be true also in the final years of primary education:.

Heteronormativy in pedagogical practices of Physical Education in schools. For Butlerthe production of gender identity can be analyzed as a matter of performativity.

When actions to approach the theme of sexuality are mobilized by adolescent students, there is the election and the unquestionable proposition of methodologies to work on sexuality content, such as the choice of videos and the organization of debates on the theme in schools.

Ditos e escritos V: This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Not to be confused with the medievalist Sarah Salih. It can be said that these authors take an anti-normalization stance.

Tamsin Spargo – Foucault e a teoria queer (portuguese).pdf – [PDF Document]

How do pedagogical practices trigger normalization processes based on these criteria? Homosexual Melancholy Taking her cue from psychoanalyst Melanie Klein, Butler asks, who is the one person in the world you love most? November 05, ; Accepted: Gender, sexuality and age: