Below you will find free PDF files for your Kawasaki Vulcan owners manuals . Kawasaki Ninja R Kawasaki Ninja MiB. It may not necessarily provide electronic owner’s manuals and supplementary documents for all products sold by Kawasaki. Moreover, this service may not. top > Search for Owner’s Manual (Motorcycle). How to use this service. Ninja , Ninja R, Ninja , Ninja ABS, Ninja , Ninja , Ninja ABS .

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Clamp Hold the brake pipes. When using a battery charger, connect the battery to the charger before turning on the charger. Kawasaki Diagnostic System Connector Be prepared for fuel spillage; any spilled fuel must be completely wiped up immediately.

OWNER’S MANUAL | About This Website

Guide Run the horn lead through into the guide. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Main Fuse ninjx A 8. If they do not, adjust the chain slack and align the wheel alignment see Drive Chain Slack Adjustment. If the cams are worn down past the service limit, replace the camshaft.


Battery 12 V 8 Ah 4. Replace the wheel rotation sensor if it is cracked, bent, or otherwise damaged. Jinja Pressure Gauge Adapter: Clutch Lever Free Play Adjustment Cylinder Inside Diameter Main Fuse 30 A 7. Overall Height 1 mm Water-proof Joint 2 3. Open the bleed valve [A]. Page of Go. Band Hold the main harness to the frame. Water-proof Joint 4 3. I don’t agree to the above terms.

Guide Run the sidestand switch lead, neutral switch lead mahual speed sensor lead through into the guide.

Kawaswki the fuel pressure is much higher than specified, the fuel pressure regulator in the fuel pump have been clogged or stuck. Starter Lockout Switch 5. Front Brake Caliper 6. Water-proof Joint 1 8. Page 30 g 1.

As a rule, the electronic owner’s manuals provided by this service are those that were originally issued at the time the products were released. Throttle Cable Decelerator 2. Intake Air Pressure Sensor 3. Water-proof Joint 3 3. Water-proof Joint 2 4. These names must be the same.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 Service Manual

Direction of Engine Rotation When rotating the crankshaft by hand, the free play amount of rotating direction will affect the adjustment. Clamp Hold the left city light lead and headlight high lead and fix the clamp into the upper fairing bracket.


Kawasaii Page Page – Abs unit solenoid valve inspection serv If not, replace the piston and all the piston rings. Breather Hose Blue Mark 5.

Main Fuse 30 A 4. Set it close to the bottom of the cylinder, where cylinder wear is low. Throttle Cable Accelerator 6.

Overall Width mm Page – Subthrottle sensor resistance inspection Page Page Page Page – Stick oners 1, 2 service code Page Page – Radiator fan relay service code Page Page – Subthrottle valve actuator service code Seat Height mm Turn Signal Relay 6.

Thus, the contents of the electronic owner’s manuals provided by this service and the specifications for the products in the customers’ possession may differ as a result of minor changes that may have subsequently taken place.

Air cleaner duct ninjq Clutch noise