Code Generation Tools Texas Instruments Download-Seite Hi Jeremy, Although we highly recommend using the CCS update to get the code generation tools. V. Hen-Bartoli, P. Kulii i sur., Valovi i optika, Rijeeni zadaci iz valova i optike, kolska knjiga, Zagreb, Last update: Acad. year / Lecturer: Volovek. Valovi fizika prezentacija herunterladen. 3 Razlikovni studiji, Fizika 2, Predavanje 4 Danas emo raditi: (V. HenBartoli i P. Kulii: Valovi i optika, poglavlje 2) Valni.

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Distributions of molecular weights: Electrical and electrochemical variables. Mechanical energy conservation law. Cerjan-Stefanovi, Osnove analitike kemije, Sveuilite Zagreb, Poling, The Properties of Gases and Liquids, 4.

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Katelan-Macan, Kemijska analiza u sustavu kvalitete, kolska knjiga Zagreb Simulation by process flow sheet simulator ChemCAD. Determination of liquid-liquid equilibrium. Measurement of the refraction index. Blanua, Laplaceova transformacija, Zagreb, Dynamics of many-particle systems, properties of ideal valovj, thermodynamical variables and laws.

Gas chromatography with mass spectrometry detection GC-MS. Laboratory, compute, pilotplant and individual project Completion proof: Optimization of the properties and processing of the polymer materials.


Kulii valovi optika pdf

Steady and unsteady transport process. Introduction to Instrumental methods of analysis. Light scattering, weight- average molecular weight. Coordination complexes, ligand field theory. How a group of hackers, geniuses, and geeks created lptika digital revolution. Jones, Elements of Petroleum Processing, J. Energy and chemical engineering. Basic processes of petroleum refinery. Viscometric determination of solubility parameter.

The stability diagrams of polyprotic acids. Equilibria in electrolytes, dissociation, hydrolysis, Debye-Huckel theory, electrode equilibria, cells. The objectives of the course is to provide a basic theoretical knowledge including the reaction mechanisms and outline a broad survey of petroleum refinery and petrochemical operation and processes with the latest developments and also with their scientific, technological, ecological and economic relationships.

Common courses of study 1 year win sum l l-s c l l-s c Calculus I 3 5 9 Calculus II 3 3 8 Fundamental university physics 3 3 7 Fundamental university physics 3 3 6 Fundamentals of mechanical engineering 2 2 4 Basic electrical engineering 2 1 3 General and inorganic chemistry I 3 5 9 General and inorganic chemistry II 2 2 6 Analytical chemistry I 2 2 5 Physical training and health education 0 2 1 Physical training and health education 0 2 1 Foreign language 2 1 1 Total ECTS credits: To gain access to the third year of study, a student should complete all the courses from the first year of study as well as Physical chemistry and Transport phenomena courses.


The basic theorem of Calculus. Interconversion of carboxylic acids derivatives. Petrochemical processes and products: Demidovi, Zadaci i rijeeni primjeri iz vie matematike, Tehnika knjiga, Zagreb, Radical substitution, nucleophilic substitution on saturated carbon atom.

Weihrich, Menedment, Mate, Zagreb, Determination of structural characteristics of multiphase and multycomponent polymeric materials. Vinyl monomers polymerization reaction inhibition.

Equipment in microbiological laboratory. Glass electrode for pH measurement. Steps involved in a laboratorial analysis. It promotes physical skillfulness and positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles. Chemistry of the Elements, Pergamon Press, Oxford, Transport phenomena is concerned with the study of momentum, heat and mass transfer with opfika unified approach to the transfer process.

Rijeeni zadaci iz elektromagnetskih pojava i strukture tvari, kolska knjiga, Zagreb, Analysis of processes in production, use of the basic methods of chemical engineering, mass and energy balances, identification of processing parameters, mathematical modelling process dynamics. Sources of power supply.

Application the boundary layer theory for convection mass transfer analysis.