LE ADERITESTIINSTRUMENTS DE. MODEL LDM DISTORTION METER. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. PITON. TEISIN DS3rtso. LEADER ELECTRONICS . I’m looking for a LEADER LDM distortion meter service manual. to you, if you need this, is a service manual of LDM distortion meter. Path: /leader/ldm/. This is the These manuals are available for download and free of charge. Manual for the Leader Model LDM Distortion Meter.

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Ikil of output impedance. The master generator is a VCG and the secondary generator produces a sawtooth waveform that sweeps the frequency of the master generator. D, IC Tmain board and associated circuit. All rights reserved, no use of any element incorporated into this site without express written permission.

Distortion Meter LDM Equipment Leader Electronics

That way you can measure back tension too. The frequency range is 20Hz to 20kHz. You can login to do that! I suppose I need a short list ldm-11 “what to buy” for those 2 pieces of equipment also.

These free programs can be found on this page: If there is any question about the function, refer to the Instruction Manual for correct operation. Troubleshoot Function switch and associated circuit. Any variations from these settings are stated in the applicable procedure. Browse the selection of new and used Leader audio solutions and other instruments that we have available for sale at steeply discounted prices.

Leader Instruments is a top provider of high quality test and analysis solutions and their instruments are utilized by a wide variety of industries.


All times are GMT I’m so used to having the generator incorporated in the unit I forgot that many don’t have it. Still, on the other hand, water is water. I saw the Kenwood and bought it during one of my eBay blackouts I guess.

Leader Audio Equipment

Do you have a manual? In addition, some files are archived, so you need WinZip or WinRar to open that files. TTL level output Fan out: Leader Audio Equipment Leader Instruments is a top provider of high quality test and analysis solutions and their instruments are utilized by a wide variety of industries. Oct Fri 18, 1: JPG hello anyone have one? The only other big things I can think of is a good solder station and at least a good solder sucker or vacuum de-soldering system if you want to go luxury.

That is strictly an audio instrument. D, IC T-2main board and associated circuit. No frequency change or intermltttent by rotating Frequency dial. Find all posts by macman At Test Equipment Expo you’ll find the best prices on Leader audio equipment. Full text of ” Leader: The one piece of gear I would not do without, even though you already have a nice Fluke bench meter, is a good analog, dual channel, AC mV meter.

Have you got a distortion meter and frequency counter yet, or in mind? Output Amplifier and Attenuator The output amplifier produces a high amplitude output directly coupled through the 50 ohm attenuator.

Sweep Generator Sweep generator is two generators. Now all you need is lots and lots of various wires, clips, and leads! Check waveform at TP2 T, main board for triangular wave. Check waveform at junction of VR T—main board and Function switch for triangular wave. Overall I prefer Manaul test equipment for their balance of quality, durability, cost, and ease of use.


Similar examples of all 3 made by HP and Kenwood are well thought of, but may be more expensive. For this to be meaningful, the RF into the receiver must be modulated with a clean sinewave. Use DC input mode. Wow manyal ended up with 2, how did that happen? I didn’t see Peter Bertini’s post while I was typing my original reply above.

Leader LDC purchased this morning Leader Instruments has been manufacturing top quality audio tools and other test, measurement and analysis solutions for over 50 years and technicians know that they can depend on Leader equipment to perform accurately and leadsr. Troubleshoot VR, Frequency switch and associated circuit.

Refer to Figure You could suffer a fatal electrical shock! I really like Leader test equipment and use their FM stereo generator. Okay, I’m getting closer every day to having all my test gear collected I received my Willy Hermann Alignment gauge a few days after ordering it. Leader distortion meter LDM Posted: If in the future you decide you like one better than the other and want to sell one, give me first crack at it, unless you really need 2 then by all means rock on brother!

It does not know or care anything about RF.