The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is a manga book written by Akira Himekawa and published in early in Japan. This manga chronicles the adventures. This is the official manga for The Minish Cap. It is written and illustrated by Akira Himekawa, the same artist who made many of the other Zelda mangas. A clever, adorable little one-volume manga based off of the game. .. The Minish Cap is part of The Legend of Zelda series, in which Link inherits the titular.

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Now with Princess Zelda turned into stone and monsters destroying the land, the only thing to do is to reforge the Sword, and only Link can do it.

The Legend of Zelda 10 books. The Legend of Zelda was a video game made on the old generation consoles that were in the 19th century. To ask other readers questions about The Legend of Zeldaplease sign up.

To save his friend, Link needs the power of the Picori Blade, but only a certain master swordsmith can reforge it. Thanks for stopping by! They ravaged the land and burned the towns to the ground. The artwork was still lovely in black and white, but the colored pages were just more fun. The cover of The Minish Cap manga. Link is the main protagonist of the Minish Cap. Powered by WordPress Designed by Tielabs. When the Picori Festival comes, she wants nothing more than to have Link accompany her.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Minister Potho manva the group to the inner courtyard of the Castle and brings Link to a wall. At times it made me want to actually be playing Minish Cap instead, for sure, but I still had a good time with this interpretation of the material, too.


Festari and a pair of Picori arrive legen take the Gust Jar from the temple walls which they give to Link. And that is why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Feb 08, Alan rated it it was ok. Like this mine cart scene:. He encourages Vaati to try his hardest to get what he wants, and that violence isn’t always the way. Open Preview See a Problem?

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (manga) | Zeldapedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I also really liked the simple artwork. However, even when turned to stone, Zelda is able to resist Vaati’s magic for the time being.

Vaati suddenly appears and in an act of boastfulness, takes out all the trees in the general radius around them and leaves. Ezlo snaps, claiming he couldn’t care less about his curse, and that all he cares about is stopping Vaati’s zleda. Some time later, Link awakens to the bright cheerful faces of the Wind Tribe, who adjusted the air pressure so Link can breathe easier.

Reading The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap manga. I absolutely love this panel. – Album on Imgur

I’ve never read a manga either although i know about Legend of Zelda- a little. They then go to watch the dueling tournament where Link discusses the history of Hyrule and how the Picori helped a warrior defend the land ccap evil.

There maga three types of Picori, Town, Forest, and Mountain. In the book it starts off with Link and his grandfather forging a sword and talking about the rare Picori that only kids can see once every years. The first dungeon alone, I was waiting for a very particular part of the dungeon. A Revolutionary Life Movie Review: Jan 05, Tarra rated it really liked it.

Then the Picori, a magical race of people, gave a powerful sword to a hero, a sword fused with the crystalline forms of the energies that fill our world. They return to the village and present Melari with the iron ore which relieves him of his grief and inspires him to reforge the Picori Sword.

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The wind suddenly starts blowing again, and Link spots figures in the distance before passing out due to the extreme altitude.

Ezlo discloses that the Picori had given the Light Force to the royal family all those centuries ago and isn’t sure of its present location.

Reading The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap manga. I absolutely love this panel.

I still had so much fun reading this! He claims he felt ca for never meeting Ezlo’s expectations, and after witnessing violent acts across Hyrule, he figured he could use Evil’s powers to get what he wanted. The two return to their Picori forms, and Vaati begins sobbing while begging for forgiveness.

I think that Fahad would like this book because I know that he really likes the legend of Zelda. The Minish Cap is a great book and the stories and adventures are jsut amazing!!! The two travel to King Gustaf’s grave where they find a hostile ghost of the past King.

Vaati’s first assignment is to find Korekore, an herb that Ezlo claims grows on the mountains just beyond the Minish Woods.

After a long day of traveling, Vaati is informed by the local Picori that Korekore doesn’t grow on the mountains at all. There were just so many pages that I really loved! The humor was definitely my favorite aspect; I found myself chuckling on almost every page, and I laughed right out loud many times! While Link is in this cp he runs across a strange bird hat creature that is being attacked by some Octoroks. He takes the opportunity and defeats the pair of Gyorgs.