ChildhoodThe son of outstanding Silver Age poets Anna Akhmatova and Nikolay Gumilev Lev was born in Tsarskoe Selo, near St Petersburg. Lev Gumilev, Ethnogenesis and Eurasianism. ALEXANDER SERGEEVICH TITOV. University College London. School of Slavonic and Eastern European. Putin’s passing mention of the late Russian historian Lev Gumilev and this odd word passionarnost meant little to the uninitiated; but to those.

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The Ethnic Community and Its Enemies: The fission phase, says Gumilev, started after the Fatherland War inand its hardest time was that of Soviet rule, when the ethnos’ entity had been lost and the bloodshed of the Civil War took place.

Corporate profile Job opportunities Press releases. Their history did not record the progress of enlightenment and reason but rather an endless cycle of migration, conquest and genocide.

New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards. They have even, some observers believe, become a kind of semi-secret cult in the upper echelons of the Russian establishment. As a student, he participated in archaeological expeditions, most notably to the Khazar site at Sarkel gumilef the Don river. October 1, — June 15, Those periods when Russia has been said to conflict with the steppe peoples, Gumilyov reinterpreted as the periods of consolidation of Russian power with that of steppe in order to oppose destructive influences from Catholic Europe, that posed a potential threat to integrity of the Russian ethnic group.

But even among the criminals there was a tendency to distinguish the lawless from the law-abiding: Kremlinologists watch to see who is seated next to whom. But the most powerful friend Gumilev made, one yumilev would time and again intervene on his behalf in his frequent brutal fights with rival academics, was Anatoly Lukyanov, a future hardliner who in the mids held a high-ranking post in the presidium of the Supreme Soviet.

Drawing inspiration from the works of Konstantin Leontyev and Nikolay DanilevskyGumilev regarded Russians as a “super-ethnos” which is kindred to Turkic peoples of the Eurasian steppe. Instead of the polite, non-ideological civic patriotism of the previous two decades, Putin was extolling chest-thumping nationalism, the martial virtues of sacrifice, discipline, loyalty and valour.


But for Gumilev it was his acquaintance with Mandelstam that was to prove the most fateful. His parents, the two prominent poets Nikolay Gumilyov and Anna Akhmatovadivorced gumielv Lev was 7 years old, and his father ugmilev executed when Lev was leg 9. It is during the “acmatic” phases, when the national passionarity reaches its maximum heat, that the great conquests are made.

According to Gumilev, the medieval Jews also did not bear arms themselves, but waged wars by proxies or mercenaries. Saint PetersburgRussia.

Lev Gumilev

Gumilev linked the French and American republican statehood to Jews, with the explicit statement that both of their intellectual and spiritual foundations come from the Old Testament.

The school takes its inspiration from the Eurasianists of the s, notably Prince N. Anna Akhmatova was also an iconic poet. Nikolay Vavilov Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov was one of the most outstanding scientists of the twentieth century. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Lev Gumilyov – Wikipedia

In Gumilev joined his mother and her third husband, Nikolai Punin, in Leningrad to continue his education, first as an assistant on geological expeditions, then as a student at the Faculty of History at Leningrad State University. The passionarity of the Arabic gumileev, on the other hand, is still high. World Show more World links. Why did some states dominate for a time and then pass into non-existence again?

The ethnos is supposed to be a ‘biological’ entity determined by its place in the natural environment, but at the same time, inspired by a few innovative leaders, each ‘ethnos’ has its special time of intense flowering.

Finally, and llev was especially important for Gumilev, the Mongols had been a people of religious tolerance, and, because of this, Russians came to prefer Orthodoxy as their national identity. During this period, the nation conquers territory for itself, sets up the national statehood and makes breakthroughs in science, technology and arts.


Drawing inspiration from the works of Konstantin Leontyev and Nikolay DanilevskyGumilyov regarded Russians as a “super-ethnos” which is kindred to Turkic-Mongol peoples of the Eurasian steppe.

However, Lev was again arrested in It destroyed his political career and sent him to jail. When I met Lukyanov in Moscow inhe reminisced over tea and cakes at the Pushkin restaurant about his friendship with Gumilev — a staunch anti-communist — and the paradox this appeared to present.

In his later years, Gumilev celebrated Eurasianism, a theory developed in the s by Russian exiles. Lv Gumilev at the party in a vocational school. Later he worked as a research associate at Leningrad State University. At any rate, Gumilev’s work has been a source of inspiration for the Neo-Eurasianist authors, the most prolific of whom is Aleksandr Dugin.

Gumilev did not extend this ethnological ecumenism, however, to the medieval Jewswho he regarded as a parasitic, international gumileg class that had dominated the Khazars, who in turn had subjected the early East Slavs to the “Khazar Yoke.

It was a word with allusions to the New Testament and the crucifixion, that had been dreamt up by Gumilev during his 14 years in Siberian prison camps. While his colleagues railed against him, Gumilev received support from a surprising corner: Freed in after two stints in Siberia, Gumilev went to work for the Institute of Geography at Leningrad University.

In contrast to the official idea that Russia had saved Europe and Christianity from the Mongol hordes, Gumilev argued that ghmilev was the military prowess of the Mongols that had saved the Eastern Slavs from conquest by the West.

This time he was handed an even longer sentence: His first publication was a trilogy on the history of the steppe nomads: Russian history Joseph Stalin gulag History.