The origin of the Direct Laryngoscopy Video System. Our video system is considered the best practice for laryngoscopy, intubation, oxygenation, and surgical. The latest Tweets from Richard Levitan (@airwaycam). Airway obsessed ED doc passionate about larynx and mountains. Live free or die there are greater evils. Overall goals and objectives: 1. Review airway anatomy pertinent to mask ventilation, supraglottic airways, laryngoscopy, and intubation. 2.

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Visit his airway site at airwaycam.

Podcast 70 – Airway Management with Rich Levitan

Levitan reviewed on this Podcast on a tough Field Intubation. Oxygenation for emergency intubation.

We never spam; we hate spammers! Advanced Airway Management kevitan the Emergency Physician from reuben strayer. See this video on the EMCrit Blog. If possible, try acquiring blades with a lower profile. Straight-to-cuff stylet shaping prevents the tube from obscuring your view of the larynx while it is being inserted.

Airway Management with Rich Levitan

By subscribing, you can As well as the resources provided in this post, two great resources are the free videos on the TheAirwaySite. Had the opportunity to put into practice some of the info Dr.


Play in new window Download The key is finding midline and then airrway a large vertical incision. Intubation – the procedure – First10EM. When a Grade IV view is encountered, the natural reaction is to panic. Why the heck not?

Out of Hospital cardiac arrest grade 4 view on Obese patient. There is a greater risk of vomiting, and laryngeal exposure is more difficult. Like Us on Facebook.

Own the Airway!

Qirway post contains some truly awesome educational resources. When encountering a difficult airway, I still have a tendency to reach for the hyperangulated blade, based on my training.

If the video camera is obscured by secretions, the operator can switch immediately to direct vision. He discusses ear-to-sternal notch positioning, dynamic head lift, external laryngeal manipulation, epiglottoscopy, apnoeic oxygenation and the arway between direct and video laryngoscopy among other important concepts.

Podcast 70 — Airway Management with Rich Levitan. Emergency Ventilation in 11 Minutes from reuben strayer on Vimeo.

Tracheal intubation is then confirmed using capnography or an esophageal detector device. Amelia J Nugent, DO. Subscribe Now If you enjoyed this post, you will almost certainly enjoy our others. To find midline, gently palpating the lateral borders of the thyroid cartilage and rocking the thyroid cartilage back and forth may be helpful. For those of you unable to attend the course, here are some points which were particularly interesting ariway me.


It is a synthesis of material from the lectures as well as the practicum component of the levutan. Fantastic lecture and great slides especially Greetings from Toronto…great show, keep up the great work. Procedure Videos for Emergency Medicine.

Also appreciated the history given by Dr Levitan, some of those guys were really smart.

10 Pearls from the Levitan Airway Course

Published on April 1, What should you do if the endotracheal tube passes through the vocal cords but gets stuck in the trachea? This is purest gold — an incredibly valuable learning resource.

Here is an open cricothyroidotomy a la Scott Weingart:.

Please note that there is no guarantee that the patient will be paralyzed in 60 seconds, so the usual clinical tests of muscle tone should also be employed.