List of computer science publications by Luca Cabibbo. Luca Cabibbo, Riccardo Torlone: Computing aggregations in database query. International Conference on Extending Database Technology, , , Querying multidimensional databases. L Cabibbo, R Torlone. Luca Cabibbo. ORCID iD. Record last modified Feb 5, PM. Contact us · Privacy Policy · Terms of Use.

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An architecture for data warehousing supporting data independence and interoperability L Cabibbo, R Torlone International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems 10 03, Jan Van den BusscheLuca Cabibbo: On the Transparent Management of Persistent Objects.

International Journal of Cooperative Information Cabibbbo 10 03, Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy. Dimension Compatibility for Data Mart Integration.

International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, My profile My library Metrics Alerts. International Conference on Extending Database Technology, A Logical Approach to Multidimensional Databases. Converting Untyped Formulas to Typed Ones.


The expressive power of stratified logic programs with value invention L Cabibbo Information and Computation 1, Logic in Databases Applying an update method to a set of receivers. Email address for updates. On the Integration of Autonomous Data Marts.

Luca CabibboMarco D’Aleo: International Conference on Database Theory, On keys, foreign keys and nullable attributes in relational mapping systems. Articles 1—20 Show more. Their combined citations are counted only cabobbo the first article.

Luca Cabibbo – Google Scholar Citations

Computing aggregations in database query languages. New articles related to this author’s research. Ninth International Conference on, International Workshop on Database Programming Languages, Integrating Heterogeneous Multidimensional Databases.

New citations to this author. Deductive Databases with Complex Objects A declarative language for complex objects with hierarchies. Integrating Heterogeneous Multidimensional Databases.


Dimension Compatibility for Data Mart Integration. Un quadro metodologico per la costruzione e l’uso di un data warehouse.

Classification and Middleware Tools. Verified email at dia.


Trier 1 Trier 2. Faculty of Engineering, Roma Tre University. Scientific and Statistical Database Management, A framework for the investigation of aggregate functions in database queries L Cabibbo, R Torlone International Conference on Database Luda, Luca CabibboAntonio Carosi: